Annual Service Contract

The weighing systems main function is to protect profit. Installing and utilizing our weighbridges help customers to achieve desired accuracy and speed in the process of weighing material, whether it is raw material, waste material or finished products ready to be shipped to the market. The Essae weighbridge is the only reliable equipment that you can use to control movement of material and prevent any fraud or human error. It will function smoothly if you ensure preventive and regular maintenance. The engineering team at Essae will identify problems and provide solution to eradicate the risk of escalating service and/or legal costs. Here we offer two attractive weighbridge annual maintenance schemes to benefit our Essae customers.

Why Choose Essae ASC?

1) More than 4300 Installations in the country for more than 2500 satisfied customers.
2) An ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
3) Proven guidelines for Preventive Maintenance and Repairs.
4) More than 80 professionals throughout India to reach faster and provide on-time and reliable service and repairs.
5) Around 90% of Essae installations can be reached within three hours.

Trained Essae service professionals presented with the Certificate of Proficiency in service and repairs from the company apply their knowledge and skills in the service. They also attend regular skill training workshops to enhance and evaluate their knowledge and skills. 

Local offices keep an inventory of critical spare parts like load cells and indicators to ensure customer calls are attended and serviced quickly.

A proper system is in place to monitor all service activities on day to day basis.

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