Weigh Bridge
Weigh Bridge is mainly used for weighing large vehicles like trucks or rail containers where movement of goods is done through vehicles. The main function is to weigh the entire truckloads of goods in industries where material can be weighed only at the time of movement from one place to another.
Truck Weigh In Motion
Truck Weigh in Motion isdesigned to capture and record axle weights and gross vehicle weights as vehicles drive over a measurement site. Unlike static scales, this system is capable of measuring vehicles traveling at a reduced or normal traffic speed and do not require the vehicle to come to a stop.
Weighing Pad
Weighing Pad is used to determine the individual axle weights and total gross weight of any type of vehicle. This pad offers the convenience of portability and mobility for your weighing requirements. Made with superior quality aluminium alloy, this Pad comes in different capacities. These light weight weigh pad is easy to carry and a work station can be set up in a few minutes.
Portable Weighing System
Portable Weighing System is an instrument which is used to determine the weight or mass of an object. Available in a wide range of sizes with multiple weighing capacities they are essential tools in laboratories, commercial kitchens and pharmacies.This system is easily portable with high tensile strength. This system is widely used in weighing the cargo containers and aircrafts.
Loading Systems
This array of Loading Systems has been developed as per international norms. These support MS window based operating interface. Built in calibration system and dustless control gates are the key features of these products.
Road Weigh In Motion Devices
Offered array of Road Weigh In Motion Devices has been developed by skilled personnel by using latest technology. These devices require around 230V voltage to operate. Made of mild steel and other top grade metals, these systems have maximum 60 degree C operating temperature.
Redundant Weighing Terminal
Redundant Weighing Terminal establishes weight data, controls components such as dosing systems and records all operating data.This terminal controls up to three internal and four additional external weighing modules. This terminal has fast and exact weight value establishment even in case of time-sensitive applications. This terminal can be seamlessly integrated into existing production structures and networks.
Axle Weigh Bridge
Axle Weigh Bridge can be done quickly and needs only a small pickup truck for transportation.This is a very good choice for mines and factories. This weigh bridge is very effective and widely used. This weigh bridge requires very less maintenance and operating costs.
Truck Weighbridge
Provided Track Weigh Bridge Devices come in handy for measuring load of in motion vehicles. These high performance devices have been produced by following plasma cutting and MIG welding technology.
Rail Weigh In Motion
Rail Weigh in Motion can improve the safety and cost-effectiveness of their freight transport business using real-time data relating to weight and uneven weight distribution. This is a dynamic weighing system for mainline tracks, designed to determine the weight of cars as well as uneven weight distribution at normal traveling speeds.
Rail Weighbridge Devices
Rail Weighbridge Devices offered by us support LAN/ RS232/ RS485 based operating interface. These user friendly systems can measure weight of 2 axle and 4 axle wagon. Design of these devices is in sync with OIML norms.
Accutrol Weight Bridge
Accutrol Weight Bridges are known for their user friendly mechanism. Available in different load carrying capacity based options, these systems have long working life. Reliable operation, high productivity and low maintenance cost are their main features.
Coil Scale
The provided Coil Scale is acknowledged among the buyers for its accurate weighing capacities and compact structure. It is electrically powered yet consumes less energy. This scale also comes with a small control panel and display screen to keep tab on the weighing operations.
Track Scale
Loaded trucks can be weighed accurately on the track scale. Customers can buy from us such scale in desired type, platform size, weighing capacity and platform type. It can be easily installed on a concrete floor.
Weigh Bridge for Rent
Made of Q235 grade steel, offered range of Weigh Bridge for Rent can be availed in different models with various measurement capacity based choices. These high performance truck scales are well known for their accurate result and anti jamming feature of weight indicator.
Concrete Weighbridge
Concrete Weighbridges are well known for their reliable operation, long working life, weather proof construction and advanced safety features. Concrete made structure of these systems has excellent compressive strength. This product range can be availed in different load bearing capacity based choices.

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