Annual Maintenance Contract : Plan Comparison

Essae Digitronics Private Limited has been fabricating weighbridges for a long time now. A competent staff utilizes latest technology in the fabrication and calibration process to achieve maximum accuracy. Once the calibration is done, the staff issues a calibration certificate. The calibration process takes two hours.

Following the philosophy- Prevention is better than cure the engineers at the company work towards identifying the problems before they occur and come up with appropriate remedial action that can be quickly taken. AMC is done to make sure that equipment remains efficient and keeps functioning. With our maintenance program, clients can focus on running their business, rather worrying about inaccuracies of weighbridge. The qualified engineers provide support in calibration, installation, repair, service and weight testing. Essae Weighbridge Test Vehicle (EWTV) is launched to make the calibration process easier and quickly available. 

Customers get service based on their requirements and that meets the mandatory standards and guidelines. The service and maintenance work can be customized to their requirements in order to make sure that their weighing systems operate accurately round the clock. 

Customers can watch out our calibration schemes and avail at reasonable charges. They can also plan the time of the calibration service on the bases of pre-planned information about the vehicle movement. 

Benefits for Customers

1) Inaccuracy of an equipment can cause losses. The AMC of equipment will provide following benefits:
2) Ensure weighing accuracy of the weighbridge
3) Gain confidence of all stakeholders
4) No more weighing disputes with stakeholders
5) Prevents every material loss
6) Prevents penalties from the Dept. of Metrology

Savings from an accurately functioning weighbridge

Inaccuracy of a weighbridge functioning can cause losses. Let us look at an example. If one has an inaccuracy of 50 kg per ton of material weighed and ones does 15 such transactions on daily basis, then the total loss of the day will be 750 kg of material. If the rate of one kg is INR 100, then the total amount of loss per day is INR 75000. The yearly loss would be over Rs. 2 Crores.

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